JBovier Ukulele Warranty

New JBovier Ukuleles purchased from authorized JBO Music dealers or through our online store are warranted to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for as long as the instrument is owned by the original purchaser, beginning on the original date of purchase. This is a limited warranty which is not transferable. JBO Music will repair, replace, or offer a prorated refund (at its sole discretion) the instrument or parts that are found to be defective by JBO Music.

If you are the original purchaser of your JBovier Ukulele, and it requires service of any kind, please first contact the authorized JBO Music dealer from which the instrument was purchased. If service is indeed warranted, you will be directed to the independent JBovier warranty service center closest to you.

This warranty covers both the cost of labor and materials on any repair deemed necessary by our Customer Service Representatives.

This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  • Instruments that have been exposed to extreme humidity or temperature conditions
  • Wear or breakage of frets, strings, nut, bridge, tuners, buttons, tailpiece, endpin, etc.
  • Other normal wear and tear of the instrument or its parts
  • Defects or damages caused by any modifications, misuse, abuse, neglect, or improper care of the instrument
  • Damage and deterioration caused by accidents
  • Any and all charges if no fault is found
  • Any cracking, discoloration, or damage to the finish or plating
  • Routine maintenance of the instrument • Instruments whose serial number/ID number/Trademark have been modified or removed
  • Instruments purchased from an unauthorized JBovier dealer
  • Instruments that have been serviced by unauthorized persons (any person other than an authorized JBovier Service Technician)


All transportation, insurance and freight charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Warranty service requires a copy of the original sales receipt or invoice to be presented at the time of service request.

JBO Music assumes no liability for property damage or personal injury to self or others resulting from failure of this product, nor any loss of income, wages or profit arising from the loss of use of instrument due to defects.

JBO Music is not responsible for any items left in gig bags, or cases. We strongly recommend that all personal items, picks, cables, etc. be removed.

This warranty constitutes the only warranty made by JBO Music with respect to your JBovier Ukulele. JBO Music disclaims any and all other warranties relating to this product including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.